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Always Fun! Always Funny.


How do you want the kids to feel?

You want them to be happy, laughing, entertained, yet under control, Right?

After performing thousand of children's and family parties over the years, I have a wonder-full, safe, clean, and controlled show for your child.  

I go out of my way to make his or her special day feel magical.  


I have had so many adults approach me with great excitement and say

"You did my birthday party when I was 8!!!"

What I create are magical memories.  You child will remember the day Mysto the Magi came to his/her own house and performed real magic for them and their friends.  The day was special, fun, funny, amazing, and truly unforgettable.

Let you and I together create a magical memory for your child. 

Go to my contact page for more information and party planning ideas.